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RealRyder Stationary Bike

I wanted to share my thoughts with you on the RealRyder Stationary bike which I tried for the first time this winter.

We had a hard winter here in New Jersey and I spent more time going to the gym on days when there was too much ice and snow to ride outside. I normally spend more time in the gym in the winter anyway, but this year my gym was being refurbished and they replaced the old Lemond spin bikes which were getting pretty worn out with new RealRyder spin bikes. I must admit I had never heard of RealRyder when they got them and was curious to try one, as the guys at the gym were saying you could lean them?! When they arrived they definitely looked pretty cool – all black and kind of stealthy looking! When they arrived they definitely looked pretty cool – all black and kind of stealthy looking! You can get more info on RealRyder stationary bike from their blog.

The first ride felt strange! The bike has a leaning frame with some type of damping unit in it and initially it feels unusual while you get used to the way the bike moves, but after a 20 minutes or so it feels fine, similar to a real bike. Riding the RealRyder stationary bike definitely makes you think about riding and pedalling smoothly to stop the bike from swinging around too much. I am a big guy so I wasn’t sure how aggressively you could lean the bike, but again found it to be fine, the bike is very stable and I felt pretty confident on it by the end of the first class!

One other thing I really noticed during that first class was how quickly the hour went by! You are working hard and concentrating on good cycling form, but it was really good fun as well! I must admit I find some spin classes or indoor cycling sessions can get a little boring and I keep checking the clock, but not this one. I spent a lot of hours on the RealRyder stationary bike all through winter including a number of double classes during the worst of the weather and even two hour sessions on consecutive days were still fun and flew by! In fact even when the weather improved I kept going this bike definitely encourages you to train!

The RealRyder is not just more fun than a normal spin bike; you also engage more muscles when you ride one. At the end of a class you can feel your core and upper body have had more of a workout than normal, due to the movement of this bike. I ride a road bike and MTB and it does feel more like riding a real bike and after a class you can feel it in the upper body muscles, similar to an MTB ride where you are moving around much more than on the road or a static spin bike.

I know some real cyclists can be dismissive of spinning classes, feeling they are not really proper cycling, but on this bike they really are a great form of training and as close as you can get to riding outside on a real bike! Apparently Colin Irving the inventor of the RealRyder who is a good level racer himself, wanted to design a stationary bike that felt much more like a real bike than any of the existing designs. From my experience I would say they have succeeded it not only feels like a real bike, but it also makes you ride it like a real bike, focussing on proper cycling form and technique. Overall I would say I am very impressed with this bike and will be spending more time indoor cycling!


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