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Floyd Bombshell on Eve of the Tour de France!

We all saw the Floyd Landis revelations about doping in the pro peloton a few months back and allegations of organised doping within the US Postal Team.

As usual these allegations were denied, by most of the parties involved and Lance Armstrong in particular attacked Landis over how his story had changed since being stripped of the 2006 Tour win, therefore people shouldn’t treat him as a credible source.

Well the war of words has escalated in fact it has just gone nuclear!

Like, most I follow the cycling websites and have been reading all the latest Tour news. Amongst all the usual rider updates and interviews about this years race and the key stages, I read an interview with Greg LeMond on Cyclingnews about the art of peaking for the Tour de France.  Nothing unusual about that until at the very end when LeMond gives you his his Lance Armstrong prediction: – “Either he will not start or he will pull out just before the race enters France. I have a feeling that the world of cycling is about to change for the better.”

This immediately made me think a storm was about to break and more revelations were on the way! It is no secret that LeMond and Armstrong are not best buddies and LeMond is one of the few cycling heavyweights to openly support Landis. Sounds more like “Art of War” rather than “Art of Peaking”, “my enemy’s enemy is my friend” to quote Sun Tzu? It also made me think what does Greg know?!

Well the reason for Greg LeMond’s comment became crystal clear after the Wall Street Journal published more revelations from Floyd Landis early Saturday morning! There are detailed allegations of blood transfusions, systematic team doping, bikes being sold to fund the program, treatments from Dr Ferrari and a lot more. Depressing stuff, and if Floyd is making all this up he sure has a vivid imagination! You can read all the details in the two Cyclingnews articles and the Wall Street Journal piece itself.

I have read a lot of speculation about Floyd’s motives and why he initially defended himself and denied doping and then did a complete 180, confessed and named “everyone who knows me” including friends like Dave Zabriskie? To me the explanation is simple. He “won” the Tour de France once and got busted, tried the normal defence of it must be contaminated supplements (beer or whisky!) or the test wasn’t done correctly! That didn’t work and he was stripped of his win and unable to get back into the big league.

So now he has effectively lost everything, his Tour win, his money and his career and if he knew others had won the same way and kept their wins, he probably feels he has been screwed and at that point decided to come clean. You may not agree with how he has handled this, but this at least makes sense to me as an explanation of why he has done this.

Whatever the motives this story is going to blow up this weekend, the French and World press will be like sharks with blood in the water and it has been noticable that Lance Armstrong and Johan Bruyneel have not been doing their normal pre-Tour press conferences. That may have to change!

There is already a federal investigation going on and a lot of people now have even more questions to answer! My only hope is that finally cycling takes the opportunity to clean up its act and adopts a zero tolerance stance to doping and if it takes catching one of the biggest fish in the pool to do this, so be it!


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