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Canada’s Hockey Team give their Country a huge morale boost

Today Canada’s hockey team gave their country a huge morale boost with a home town win in Vancouver.

So we all got the big showdown we wanted with Canada and the USA fighting it out for Olympic Gold today in the men’s hockey final and what a great game it was!

As expected both teams were highly motivated and from the first to the last second, the game was played at ninety miles an hour and full contact. Fighting may not be allowed in Olympic finals, but it was certainly physical. You can call me old fashioned, but I think that’s how hockey should be, it’s meant to be physical!

Canada also had the “extra man” with a noisy home crowd – my favorite quote in the first period was when NBC called them “a slightly partisan crowd” nice use of understatement there NBC!

Canada were always ahead after Jonathan Toews opened the scoring and then increased their lead when Corey Perry added a second. The game was now really in the balance, with the next score likely to be decisive. Had Canada got a third it would have been hard for the US to come back in a tight competive game like this.

The USA really had to score at this point to keep the game alive and athough Ryan Kesler did, they were still chasing the game all through the final period. It looked like they had run out of time, until with only 25 seconds left on the clock Zach Parise scored to level it at two each and send the game to overtime! You could hear the groan all the way from Vancouver.

I was also following the game on Twitter, which “lit up” with various combinations of OMG, Goal, RU kidding me, Yes, No, Argh, liberally spiced with swear words, extra letters and exclamation points!

I am pretty sure I saw smoke coming out of my computer for a while and wonder how many #hockey tweets there were during this game?
Hockey took over Twitter so much I was even prompted to come up with following tweet myself “Twitter have just announced a name change – they are now called Twockey!”

At this point, either country would have been a deserving winner, but unfortunately sport and life are not like that. There has to be a winner and we go to overtime with sudden death, as if there wasn’t enough excitement already!

No second chances now, no more comebacks, one big play for all the marbles! Just after 7 minutes of OT, Sidney Crosby squeezed his shot past the Tournament MVP – Ryan Miller for the winning goal and it was all over Canada are the Olympic Champions!

So back to the theme of these last few posts “Home Wins” boosting morale. It really doesn’t get much better than winning Olympic Gold at home in your national sport!

As a side effect Canadian breweries and bar owners can also look forward to a boost in morale in these depressing economic times. Stock Tips – “Buy Molson” then tomorrow “Buy Coffee”!

So congratulations Canucks everywhere, you can go back to work happy tomorrow or whenever the party ends!


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