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Olympic Ice Hockey – Home Town Win Boosts Morale

Back in December I wrote a piece about how home town wins boost morale. The Giants had just beaten Division rivals Dallas and everyone went back to work happy on Monday. That may have been the last time they won by the way!

An even better example, which I also cited back in December, was the Saints who were unbeaten at the time and then went on to win one of the best Super Bowls for years. Their great season and championship win really helped New Orleans bounce back from the effects of Hurricane Katrina.

There is no doubt “Home Town” wins have a really positive effect on local morale and I am sensing a similar buzz about the Olympic Ice Hockey.

In this case we should be talking about “Country” rather than “Town”, but Canada is really getting into the chase for Gold! Despite what some Americans feel, Canada is actually not part of the USA! Even so there is still a home town feel about a Team USA win as well.

Before the games started all the talk was about Canada and Russia meeting in the final and sure enough these two headed the bookmaker’s favourites. In any sport we always hear the expression “that’s why they play the games” and we now know if Canada makes the final they won’t be facing Russia after beating them convincingly 7 – 3 in the quarter final!

Canada now faces Slovakia (who beat the third favourite Swedes 4 – 3 in their quarter final) for a place in the final.

In the other semi USA will play Finland. Finland beat the more favoured Czech Republic 2 – 0 and the US knocked out Switzerland 2 – 0 with two Zach Parise goals.

So Canada and USA will meet in the final if everything goes to form (it hasn’t so far!), with the winners getting Gold Medals and bragging rights when the get back to their NHL Teams!

No disrespect to Slovakia and Finland, but the whole North American continent wants a USA v Canada final now. Let me rephrase that, we need a USA v Canada final. The Economy sucks, it’s snowing again. We need it!

I believe, both these teams are good enough and have the extra motivation of being in front of their own fans so let’s hope they make it. Then, unfortunately someone is going to be disappointed, but either country would be a great winner. OK if you push me I go with the US, with Parise scoring the winner (I’m a NJ Devils fan)!

So in these depressing Economic times winning Olympic Gold gives everyone a big lift and we all go back to work happy!


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