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Great Content Writing – Important in Competitive Market

Good content writing is getting more and more important with ever increasing competition for attention on the web. What differentiates one site from another?

     – How good the site looks
     – Good content writing
     – How easy is the site to find?

Ok, this is maybe oversimplifying things a little, but you get my drift.

While beauty is in the eye of the beholder it should at the very least be clear and well set out, but in a competitive sector it will also need to visually appealing to stand out from the crowd.

You also need to tell your story well, hence the need for high quality content writing. This content needs to be interesting and well written to hold your audience’s attention and regularly updated to keep them coming back for more.

Finding the site is also important; otherwise it can be great looking with fantastic content which no one will ever see! Like building a great shop on a dead end street with no traffic out of site of the highway! SEO, a good link building strategy and optimized content writing need to be combined to get this higher visibility and traffic.

Some of the latest social media and internet stats are truly mind blowing. There are now over 1.7 billion people using the internet worldwide and making approximately 2 billion Google searches everyday!

It is difficult to get exact numbers for how many website there are worldwide, but the best estimate I could find was 182 million (this was for 2008 so is probably on the low side). There are also 133 million blogs now and apparently 346 million people who read them.

 These numbers are climbing at a tremendous rate, so competition will continue to increase. For comparison there were only 360 million internet users in 2000 and about 1 million blog writers.


 So if you want a successful website which will attract a good audience and enhance your brand you need to fight for your following. This means you really have to have an attractive, optimized site with a constant flow of great content writing to compete in this increasingly competitive arena.


One Response to “Great Content Writing – Important in Competitive Market”

  1. Awesome point Paul. We must fight the good fight.

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