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Best Super Bowl ever? NFL win boost for city of New Orleans

It’s a week after one of the best Super Bowls ever and as usual this time of year I am suffering from NFL withdrawal symptoms! What a boost for the morale of New Orleans.

What a great game! This one had everything, this years two best teams with the underdog Saints going behind and then roaring back to beat the Colts, with real flair and some gutsy play calling.

Apart from being a really entertaining game, this was also a great human story with what this win means to the city of New Orleans.

For most people Peyton Manning and Drew Brees have been the two best quarterbacks in the NFL this year. I know there maybe some who feel Brett Favre’s strong season puts him up there to, but the bottom line is when it really counted the bad decisions under pressure came back to haunt him.

I must admit I get a little tired of all the hype surrounding Peyton Manning and the Colts. You know the stuff – the best quarterback in football, some even claiming the best ever. This even started before he had won a Super Bowl, but for my money, you can’t be called the best in any sport without winning at the highest level, even in a team sport.

In an earlier comparison with Tom Brady, my vote would go to Brady on the basis he found a way to win three Super Bowls, and most of the important clashes with the Colts (I am not a Patriots fan by the way!), whereas Manning came up empty. Now he is technically one of the best ever and reads a defence as well as anybody, but to be called the best you have to win more of the big games when the pressure is really on.

So that leads us to this Super Bowl and all the talk before the game about the Colts resting their starters ahead of the play offs in the loss to the Jets. Would they regret this decision if it costs them the chance to go unbeaten when/if they win the Super Bowl? Well first you have to win the Super Bowl, but again all the hype about how good the Peyton led Colts offence was.

So to me it was really nice to see the underdog Saints pull off the upset. Drew Brees is a class act on and off the field and destroys the myth that nice guys don’t win. When he left San Diego with a busted up shoulder New Orleans were the only franchise who really wanted him. When he was asked if he was helping the city post Katrina, he turned it around and said the city had saved him and has now put down strong family roots there.

In the first two quarters the Saints were a little off, but came out firing after half time. This is what I meant earlier about QBs going out and winning key games and making it happen. Now Brees didn’t do it by himself, the other Payton (Coach Sean) made some inspired calls, especially the onside kick in the third quarter and the whole team stepped it up to turn the tide.

In the second half the Saints out fought, out played and out scored the Colts for an emotional win. Their defence pressured Manning and all the receivers and backs made big plays. Great leadership and coaching, heart and execution under pressure that’s what made the difference.

The party in New Orleans will run and run and don’t be surprised if from now on the month of February will be called “Mardi Gras” and Drew Brees will be known as “Saint Drew”! For the last word this is what Brees said after the game

“Our victory last night was the culmination of four years of hard work, fighting through a lot of adversity, ups and downs and more importantly than that, representing a city that has been through so much,” Brees said.

Along the way, people have asked me so many times, ‘Do you look at it as a burden or extra pressure? Do you feel like you’re carrying the weight of the city on your teams’ shoulders?’ I said, ‘No, not at all. We look at it as a responsibility. Our city, our fans, gave us strength, and we owe this to them. That’s made all the difference. … There’s no people that you would want to win for more than the city of New Orleans. So it’s an honor.”

Like I said a class act and a great story………


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