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Home Town NFL Wins Boost Morale

Finally the New York Giants returned to winning ways in the NFL with a 24 – 31 win over Division rivals Dallas. Have you noticed how much happier people are coming back to work on Monday after a home town win?

Maybe stating the obvious here, but a “Home Town” sports win has a really positive effect on local moral. Recent Giant games have been depressing to put it mildly and it was good to see some fight and emotion back against the Cowboys.

New York Sport Fans are notoriously demanding – it’s a great place for winners, but expect to get hammered by the fans and the press if you’re losing! Post 9/11 it was very noticable that people were rallying together and Giant or Yankee success helped lift the moral  of the whole City.

It’s great to see the Saints having a fantastic season as well. Most of us know New Orleans as a fun place to visit, but the City is still recovering from the effects of Hurricane Katrina and the 9th Ward still looks much the same as when Katrina hit.

Elsewhere the Big Easy has bounced back strongly and again there is no doubt the Saints unbeaten season has been a positive influence on this (together with a lot of hard work and money).

Watching them beat the Patriots last week was like a coming of age. Before the game all the talk was could the unbeaten Saints show they could live with the powerhouse teams of the NFL like New England. By the end of the game there was no doubt!

Maybe the Patriots are rebuilding and not at their Superbowl best, but Drew Brees  was outstanding and will probably be “Canonized” if he keeps this up for the rest of the season!

So in these depressing Economic times a win on Sunday keeps everyone upbeat at least till Monday lunchtime or the first crisis of the work week!


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