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How are our Lifestyles affected by the Recession?

Welcome to my new blog! I will be touching on a range of different topics – lifestyles, business, the recession, sports, entertainment and other subjects that grab my interest.  Hopefully with a fresh perspective and looking at things from slightly different angles.

One subject which is never out of the news at the moment is the Economy.  It is impossible to miss the latest depressing stats on company cutbacks, foreclosures and rising unemployment percentages, but what is the human impact of these bare stats? Is it all bad news? Are there any positive stories?

One thing is very clear we are in a deep recession and nothing comparable has been seen in the States since the Great Depression. It is also clear that with unemployment over 10% and a depressed housing market, there will be no quick recovery in consumer confidence. We are going to be stuck with this economy for a while.

It is little consolation to most Americans, but Europe and many other parts of the World are going through exactly the same problems.

So what’s the answer?

The Politicians assure us they are working on job creation (incidentally this is not intended to be a “Political” blog!), but progress is slow – numbers get fudged/massaged. Do we wait for them to fix the problem?

Or we could just take John Belushi’s advice – “start drinking heavily”!

We have probably all experienced or have friends who have been affected by this recession and there is no doubt it has been tough. But I asked the question earlier – Are there any positive stories?

Let’s look at what many of us have taken for granted, we like nice houses, cars, holidays etc. To get these things you need a well paid job with a big, secure Company. The downside is that this can involve long hours, commuting, travel, big company politics.

Now here comes the real kicker it turns out that neither the Jobs or the Companies are actually that secure anymore!

So after skirting around the subject let me try to answer my own question – yes I think something positive can come from all this.

Maybe we don’t all need to live within in commuter range of New York or London and pay the inflated house prices – most of that extra paycheck gets eaten up by the bigger mortgage anyway!

I hear more and more people talking about what is really important to them. Bringing up their families – getting to see their kids play baseball or in the school play. Having time to enjoy their hobbies and interests more.

Don’t get me wrong – I am not advocating we all leave work, move to the hills and live off the land! More that we “Work to Live” not “Live to Work”.

Consider the local Job, start your own Company do something you really enjoy doing. We still have to ride out this recession, but if we come out of it with a better set of values. If we re-evaluate what is really important to each one of us, maybe there is an unexpected positive message.

Please check back let me know what you think.


One Response to “How are our Lifestyles affected by the Recession?”

  1. Hi Paul,

    One thing that’s definitely affected by the recession is my cycling. I’m spending more time focusing on business building to be ready when the economy rebounds. It’s a bit counter-intuitive to be optimistic in the bottom of a downturn (if, indeed, we are in the bottom) but that’s where my mind is on this.

    To your point, I’m also spending much more time on family and my focus has narrowed. The good economy afforded me more time for chasing hobbies outside of family and having nothing to do with profit generation. That much has certainly changed.



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